Mine Koruyucu

Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics - Dr. Research Assistant

10 September 2018

Although you are working through the mail, you have a working system which is very understanding and progressing smoothly and that is developing and professionalizing day by day. We haven't had a problem so far and I hope we won't. We wish you continued success.

Mehtap Çakır

Beykent University Institute of Social Sciences Clinical Psychology - Master Student

16 October 2018

I got support from Mr.. Veznikli for the SPSS part of my research, and I was really very pleased with it. Also it is suitable for students cause of he offers better price than most statisticians. (He certainly doesnt take money that not deserved and he doesnt increase price unnecessarily.) Once again thanks for your labor and help.

Genco Gençay

Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Pediatrics - Research Assistant

4 January 2019

I got statistical advisory services on my thesis. The works I requested were done in a timely and orderly manner. I will contact with your institution again when I need statistical advisory service and I will also recommend it to my friends who are looking for someone to work on.

Sinem Uz Birant

Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry, Department of Pedodontics - PhD Student

10 February 2019

I worked with Novastats on the statistical analysis part of my study data. My analyses were done by meticulous and quick work in short time. Before the analysis, things what we aimed and wanted were inspected one by one. In this process, he showed a very planned, serious and communicative attitude not to risk anything from being missed out or incomplete while he was always giving me feedbacks. He completed the work in date promised and on contact. I present thank once again for the great care, consideration and discipline as someone worked with him before.

Yelda Kasımoğlu

25 February 2019

I am very happy to work together for their quick response and meticulous work.

İdil Mutluay

28 March 2019

They were very helpful in stage of my master thesis's field research. They show highly professional advice for my survey and hypotheses. Analysts are concerned and patient. I hope we will continue in the same way for my statistical analysis.

Bahar Özkan

Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences - Graduate Student

13 April 2019

I got assistance from Mr. Veznikli for statistical analysis of my master's thesis. He provided detailed information at every stage and proceeded step by step without neglecting the exchange of views. We completed the work in a short time with communication and professionalism. He also helped as much as he could in the unclear or incomplete points after the submission of the study. I have also learned a lot about what I need to pay attention to in later studies. We concluded the study in a very satisfactory way. I would also like to thank him for patiently and politely resolving my hesitations and reservations for having many problems with uncertainty and confidence in the internet world.

Deniz Yenidünya

Istanbul University Faculty of Dentistry Department of Pedodontics - 5th Grade Student

14 April 2019

Mr. Veznikli was very interested in the statistics of the surveys I used in my graduation thesis. Finally, the report I received was very organized, attentive and clear.

Nevzat Huruzoğlu

Comodo Turkey

18 April 2019

I met Novastats and Mr. Veznikli after a short research on the internet. I talked about the consultancy service I needed in the statistical analysis section on my phone call and I didn't have any trust problems from the first moment even though I didn't know him or didn't know someone who worked with him. If you deal with him over the phone for a while, you can understand what I mean. Thank you very much for your help and kindness.

Şule Gegekoğlu

Ondokuz Mayıs University Institute of Educational Sciences - Graduate Student

22 April 2019

I got support from Mr. Veznikli in the statistical analysis part of my research. I initially hesitated to reach him on the internet, but he informed me in detail and delivered the analysis in a very short time at a more affordable price than many other statisticians. You can safely entrust your work to him.

Surac Bayramov

Anadolu University Department of Business Administration Management and Organization - Graduate Student

29 May 2019

I was very pleased with the service I got. You can also call at any time and ask what you don't understand. Thank you Novastats.

Gülüzar Sevinç

Istanbul Medipol University Faculty of Business and Management Sciences - Master Student

29 May 2019

First of all, it is very nice to have thought of such a service. At Novastats, there is a team that has a good command of the statistical method and methodology part of the dissertation and attaches great importance to every detail of the projects. I congratulate this team. I recommend it to anyone who will get support in statistical information.

Raziye O.

26 June 2019

I got support from Mr. Mert in the analysis part of my PhD thesis. With his interest, knowledge and professional approach, he came to my rescue when I needed most. He delivered all the work in way which he promised and in time which he promised.

Münevver Yahşi

21 August 2019

I am very happy to be able to stay in touch throughout the process. I was very pleased with the service.

Cansu Akay

18 September 2019

It was nice to be interested in my study and to reach the result quickly. I was satisfied with the service I got.

Cengiz Gürkaynak

18 September 2019

Mr. Veznikli helped me with the analysis of my work. He is a senior in planning, working discipline and respect for his job. I had hesitations in getting started because he had worked in different fields, but he did not leave any question in my mind during the communication process and his quick return during the study process. I was so pleased with the service and the work so that I asked him to teach me the analysis. Thankfully he didn't break it and agreed. He revised the revisions patiently and meticulously. In short, he is genial, hardworking and meticulous. I was quite satisfied with the service I got. Thanks again.

Mert Çakır

Beykent University Master of Business Administration - Master Student

25 November 2019

First of all, I would like to thank Mert Veznikli, who helped me a lot from the beginning to the end. He did more of everything I requested. It offered me a quick and nice work. Even my teachers liked it very much. I had no problems in the process. I recommend "Novastats Statistic" to everyone.

Ayşe Çırakoğlu

Istanbul University - Cerrahpasa Faculty of Medicine

16 December 2019

I got support from Mr. Veznikli for the statistical evaluations of my research. I was very pleased with the reliable answers I got to all my questions, fast and meticulous result reports. Thank you so much...

Bahar Özkan

Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences - PhD Student / Middle-School Teacher

19 February 2020

I got support from Mr. Veznikli for the analysis part of the Tübitak project that I was conducting. He provided guidance by making detailed and constructive criticism about the survey questions and the qualifications of the working group. Although the duration of the work was very limited, he completed and delivered the work more quickly and completely than I had anticipated. He was also very helpful in answering questions I had later on. Ultimately, the project I was running was accepted by Tübitak. I would like to thank him for the second time we have done a very satisfying work together.

Başak Esmer

Başkent University - Master Student

9 July 2020

Thanks to Novastat and Mr. Veznikli. In a short time, they prepared a perfect analysis and report. They also answered all my questions in a short time and in detail. We created a thesis analysis without any problems by proceeding together when it was necessary.

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